Safety Programs

Integrated with Local G&R Resources & the C.W. Driver Safety Program

G&R has an unyielding commitment to delivering first-class work in a clean, safe environment. This philosophy is evident in all aspects of our operations. From the home office to every jobsite, our safety program requires the full participation of everyone involved to ensure the health and protection of all persons, property and equipment. G&R utilizes an integrated safety program with our local resources and the C.W. Driver corporate safety program.

C.W. Driver employs a dedicated Safety Director and a local Field Safety Manager who makes weekly job site visits to implement our comprehensive Environmental Health & Safety Injury and Illness Prevention Program. This program is in full accordance with all safety, health and environmental regulations and is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Recognize safety and environmental protection as a shared responsibility of everyone on the job.
  • Identify and evaluate jobsite hazards, both for the protection of G&R employees, the public and all involved parties on the jobsite.
  • Establish methods for correcting unsafe conditions, including performing frequent inspections, and conducting weekly jobsite safety meetings.
  • Implement ongoing safety training for employees.
  • Perform trend analyses for the identification of both unsafe conditions and behavior.
  • Establish a company safety committee to identify and implement industry best practices for the continuous improvement of our safety culture.
  • Develop a system of communication and feedback to ensure compliance with the safety program.

The mission of the Safety Department is to:

Increase safety awareness throughout the entire organization, develop safety culture, prevent accidents, manage claims cost, and stimulate continuous improvement of our safety performance.